Project Description

At 5:25am Smitty’s Environmental was contacted about an overturned semi northbound 101 just south of Santa Monica Rd. Smitty’s Environmental dispatched a scene supervisor to access the situation. Upon arrival, our Scene Supervisor met with CHP and the towing company to deduce the best course of action.

The fuel and oil tanks had leaked onto a residential driveway and into a runoff area next to the driveway. Because of the leaking and the nearby environmental hazards, including creeks, drains and wetlands, immediate action was required. A perimeter was set up, the observed fuel leak was mitigated, and the batteries were removed. It was determined that Smitty’s Environmental would require remediation equipment and disposal drums to perform the clean-up operation.

Smitty’s Environmental began the site clean-up and remediation, while maintaining constant communication with the recovery team, Highway Patrol, and Caltrans. Absorbent mats and socks were placed down to contain the approximate 16-18 gallons of spilled fuel and oil. Next, technicians pumped about 140 gallons of fuel remaining in the tank to allow the recovery operation to begin.

The Smitty’s Environmental team began to clean around the casualty, placing mats and granular absorbent down before shoveling contaminated dirt and debris into barrels. The team then waited on standby during the recovery process.

Once the casualty was removed, the process was continued until the driveway and water runoff area were cleared. Next, gold crew remediation agent coated the area and was mopped into the concrete. Finally, the pressure wash unit and vacuum pump were used to remove all remaining hazard from the concrete and runoff areas. Smitty’s Environmental proceeded to tag all drums of fuel, oil, and contaminated debris for disposal.

After the scene was inspected and cleared by CHP, Smitty’s Environmental left the scene to dispose of 13 barrels of fuel, oil, contaminated dirt/debris, and batteries.

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