hazardous and non-hazardous waste REMEDIATION

What we offer...


- Hydrocarbon spill (gasoline-diesel fuel-engine oil-transmission fluids- coolant/antifreeze-battery acids) or what we refer to as V.O.F (vehicle operating fluids) 

- High volume fluid/liquids transfer with one of our intrinsically safe air operated vac pumps

- Proper grounding and bonding procedures for flammable or combustible liquids

- Complete incident site remediation 

- Excavation of contaminated soil or vegetation

- Diking/ damming of a incident to prevent further damage to surrounding areas

- Spill containment pools up to 150 gallons

- Tank plugging, patching equipment dome lid clamping apparatus's for tank trucks and trailers

- Nurse tanker/ trailer service's 

- High pressure 3450psi ambient temp and hot/steam pressure washing trailer with all accessories

- Track loader and excavator service

- 10 yard dump trailer


- Soil testing (hanby test kit) 

- Water testing (hanby test kit) 

- Over packing containment. 

- Proper hazardous/non hazardous waste separation-handling and disposal